INFOCON Support Disclaimer


The INFOCON Support Staff is ready to assist you with your present system difficulties via remote
access to your computer. In order to proceed, the software provided by the link shown below will run the
tool needed to grant
INFOCON temporary access to your computer. When this tool begins running, you
will have to provide our Support personnel with a User ID and Password in order for you to grant

INFOCON authorization to temporarily access your computer remotely.

It is recommended that you have a current backup of your computer as additional protection should
complications arise.


By granting INFOCON temporary authorization and access to the Client's computer, the Client
hereby acknowledges that certain problems related to computers and networks may be extremely
complex and difficult to isolate.
INFOCON shall make professional and reasonable efforts to find
and, if applicable, implement corrective actions to remedy the Clients problem(s).
not warranty the services provided hereunder. In no case shall
INFOCON be held liable for
damages to hardware, software, networks, or data affected by
INFOCON service efforts.
INFOCON shall not be held liable for consequential or incidental damages or losses associated
with the interruption or use of equipment, software, data, or network.

Please click the following software link in order to start the remote control tool for INFOCON Support

INFOCON Support Tool

Thank You,

INFOCON Support Staff